HBF International LLC owners Doug Perkins and Mark Hurst have taken on new roles at the company, with Perkins as chief executive officer and Hurst as international research and development director.

The changes were announced to management at a planning meeting in November, according to a news release.

McMinnville, Ore.-based HBF was formerly known as Hurst’s Berry Farm. Perkins and Hurst became partners in 2011 to establish HBF International as a sales and packing organization.

Perkins’ past roles at HBF included stints as managing director and director of export sales. As chief executive officer, he oversees daily operations.

Hurst will oversee projects to enhance the product line and plan operations. His responsibilities include genetics, information technology, facilities and new products. He will continue running daily growing operations for Hurst’s Berry Farm and Hurst’s Berry Mexico.

HBF International packs and sells fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and other items. Product is grown in Oregon, Washington, California, Mexico, Argentina and Chile for year-round supply.