H.E.B. is expanding organic offerings with a new label, H-E-B Organics.

H.E.B. launches separate organics labelThe San Antonio-based H.E. Butt Grocery Co., introduced the line with the slogan “everyday pantry staples,” including fresh fruits and vegetables and salads, other perishables and canned food.

The category should significantly increase the availability and affordability of organic products at the chain, according to the release.

The chain plans to market hundreds of organic items through the label, including offerings for children.

The launch follows years of planning and H-E-B plans to broaden the brand into the largest assortment of organics in Texas, according to the release.

With yearly sales of more than $20 billion, H-E-B operates more than 350 stores in 150 Texas and Mexico communities, according to the release.