Homegrown Organic Farms is adding lemons to its lineup of organic citrus offerings after acquiring a ranch near San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

The organic lemons were scheduled to start shipping under the Tule Specialty label the week of Jan. 23, said Scott Mabs, director of marketing at Porterville, Calif.-based Homegrown Organic Farms.

“It allows us to be a much better supplier to our customer base by being able to provide across the board citrus items,” Mabs said. “We’ve had small amounts of lemons before, but not enough to put together a program on. It’s been a piece of the puzzle in our citrus program that we’ve struggled to fill properly. This is going to fill that piece now.”

Other offerings from Homegrown Organic include navels, valencias, grapefruit and various mandarins.

Mabs declined to discuss acreage. The property in north San Diego County previously belonged to independent growers. Its lemon trees are young, roughly three to five years old.

Homegrown Organic grows, packs and ships more than 3,500 acres of organic fruit in California and Oregon.