I Love Produce, importer of organic ginger from Peru, donated $13,440 to a village secondary school.

The donation was in the Asháninka community of Churingaveni, where the ginger is from. I Love Produce’s ginger supplier is Rainforest Organic, who helped with donation program, according to a news release.

I Love Produce donates to Peruvian village schoolThe Asháninkas are the second-largest indigenous group living in the rainforests of Peru. Their culture that dates back to the time of the Incas.

“The Asháninka rainforest area is one of the most remote places I have ever traveled,” Jim Provost, president of I Love Produce, said in the release. “A trip there requires a 10-hour flight to Lima, a 12 hour bus ride from the capital to the village and then a perilous river crossing by raft to reach the school. Because of the remoteness of the area, the school lacks many of the resources we take for granted.

“Our aim is to form a lasting relationship with the school so we can make a difference to their kids on a long-term basis.”

The money will support the school library, computer room and other facilities, school director Jaime Fernández Yoni Cave of the Antonio Raymond School said in the release.

A harvest ceremony included traditional clothing, dancing and singing.