Illinois produce is getting an in-state boost.

Illinois kicks off ‘Where Fresh Is’ campaignTwo hundred grocery stores and 100 farmers’ markets in Illinois will participate in the state’s Where Fresh Is campaign to promote fresh fruits and vegetables and other agriculture products grown and marketed in state.

The application for the program is on the website.

While corn and soybeans may be the first crops that come to mind for the state, specialty crops in Illinois accounted for 100,000 acres of acreage and $400 million in sales, according to the website.

In remarks about the program on June 16 to the Associated Press, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said the program will help the state’s economy. Ninety percent of the state’s food is imported; he said the program will identify Illinois-grown produce with stickers so consumers can identify and purchase Illinois produce.

Quinn said the Where Fresh Is marketing program will highlight strawberries and blueberries in June, watermelon and peaches in July and sweet corn in late July and early August.