Import organic apple sizes, volume downSizing is small and volumes down, but quality is excellent on early arrivals of organic Southern Hemisphere apples received by Awe Sum Organics Inc.

The fruit’s size profile is “much smaller” than usual, due to severe freezes in Chile in September, David Posner, president and chief executive officer of Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Awe Sum, said in a news release.

This year’s organic Southern Hemisphere volumes will be down by about 20%, according to the release, but Awe Sum said it will be able to meet demand.

“The good news for our customers is that by utilizing our supply from our various growing regions, and our many varieties, sizes, and pack styles, we’re able to plan our packing and shipping programs to keep our customers across the U.S. and Canada in continuous supply” throughout the season, Posner said.

First up for Awe Sum are galas from Chile and Argentina. They will be followed by granny smiths, golden delicious, braeburns, fujis, Cripps Pinks and heirloom red delicious.

Awe Sum’s New Zealand apple imports will follow closely behind its South American shipments, Posner said.

In addition to traditional varieties, Awe Sum will import Diva apples from New Zealand this year.