Expansions at Intergrow Greenhouses Inc., should allow the grower-shipper to supply tomatoes throughout the year.

Intergrow additions to give it year-round productIn the spring, the Albion, N.Y.-based Intergrow plans to begin construction on the fourth phase of construction, adding lights to allow winter production, and increasing total acreage to 80 acres, according to a news release.

Intergrow plans to install approximately 9,000 light fixtures, vertical fans and to double curtain systems to regulate temperatures and humidity, according to the release.

It also plans to upgrade packinghouse operations with automated systems to handle increased production and acreage, according to the release.

Intergrow additions to give it year-round product“The demand for year-round locally grown produce justified the substantial investment needed to grow tomatoes during the winter months in New York,” Kris Gibson, sales and marketing manager, said in the release. “Warm weather and sunlight are in limited supply during the Northeast winters, but with the addition of lights we can now create optimal growing conditions year-round.”

Intergrow markets tomatoes on the vine and beefsteak tomatoes.