Organic blueberries imported by Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Interrupcion* Fair Trade are making their first arrivals in September.

Promotable supplies are expected through March, according to a news release. The fruit is from Argentina and then Chile.

The company promotes the Fair Trade blueberry program with its “Taste Me Do Good*” label.

“We’ve been scaling our program for the last seven years and this year we’re expecting volume to almost double,” Rafael Goldberg, chief executive officer of Interrupcion* Fair Trade, said in the release.

“The Organic Trade Association in 2013 reported that 81% of U.S. families are buying organic and four in 10 are buying more organic than the previous year,” Goldberg said.

According to United Fresh Produce Association statistics, organic berry sales were up 40% for the fourth quarter 2012 over the prior year.

The program offers promotional support including shelf talkers and display materials. Custom-made materials are made for some customers. A demo tasting program is available for retailers.

Consumer marketing is done through quick response codes, Web and Facebook pages. More information is available online.