A new logistics company in Nogales, Ariz., grew out of a produce brokerage and specializes in making sure fresh produce loads are delivered on time and at the correct temperature, the owners say.

Established by JJ Distribution LLC, Nogales, Eastbound Logistics is managed by Joe Maytorena, who operates the company with his son, Joe Maytorena Jr. They launched the logistics company in early February.

“As the former owners of a truck stop in Nogales, we got to know a lot of people and have a lot of contacts,” Maytorena said. “When the supply of reefers started getting really tight we started doing a lot more with transportation so it made sense to us to set up Eastbound.”

Maytorena said the name of the logistics company grew out of the direction customers’ loads were headed.

“We were always saying ‘We need someone eastbound’ so it just kind of stuck,” Maytorena said.

Most of the new company’s loads are tomatoes headed to the East Coast. Maytorena said they usually arrange transportation from growing areas in Arizona to the Carolinas up the coast to New Hampshire. As the tomato deal moves into California, Maytorena said Eastbound Logistics will serve those growers and shippers, too.

The Maytorenas continue to operate their produce distribution business, which gave them valuable insights to set up the logistics company.

“We know produce is perishable and can’t wait,” Maytorena said. “A lot of (trucking) companies don’t understand that you can’t just deliver that kind of load tomorrow or the next day. Our advantage is that we understand perishables and we can offer personal service.”