J&J Distributing will distribute the Living Produce line of organic vegetables grown by Green PolkaDot Box Inc.

Minneapolis-based J&J signed a 20-year contract to distribute Mount Pleasant, Utah-based Green PolkaDot Box’s organic peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables, according to a Green PolkaDot Box news release.

“Our deal with such a high-quality, reputable purveyor of organic produce is both an equitable and significant move to ensure the growth of our Living Produce program, leading to benefits for all health-minded consumers,” Rod Smith, Green PolkaDot Box’s chief executive officer, said in the release.

James Hannigan, J&J’s president, said his company as excited to partner with Green PolkaDot Box.

“It’s a company dedicated to sustainable organic farming in an indoor environment offering constant supplies of organic fresh produce,” Hannigan said in the release. “Both companies are committed to offering everyone the opportunity to eat a healthy, nutritious diet while doing everything possible to reduce the massive carbon footprint left by traditional conventional farming. Organic is the future and the future is now.”

The deal comes on the heels of Green PolkaDot Box’s purchase of a 40-acre site in Spring City, Utah, which will help the company grow enough vegetables to fulfill its contract with J&J.

“In many cases, the varieties we offer alive when harvested locally and delivered, same or next day to commercial customers,” Smith said in the release. “These plants we sell can remain alive for 7 to 10 days before they begin to deteriorate.”