John Vena Inc., one of the wholesalers on the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market, has redesigned its website.

John Vena Inc. remakes websiteThe site,, presents more information about the specialties purveyor’s products and growers in an easy to read way, according to a news release.

The fourth-generation, family-run operation wanted a simple layout to allow users easy access to product information.

It also wanted to spotlight its many growers through its new Grower’s Gallery page.

The gallery provides a closer view of some of Vena’s growers from around the globe to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

The section shows Vena’s connection between its growers and its customers.

Each section displays information about the grower, the growers’ crops and why that growing region is important for those cops, according to the release.

“Our new home page integrates our various social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest) so that consumers can stay connected and find updates easily,” John Vena Jr., Vena’s president and market board treasurer, said in the release.

“We have added many new products and recipes. I am particularly pleased with the Grower’s Gallery. It really helps to connect our customers to our suppliers.”

Vena sells to customers from Canada to Virginia.