Potandon Produce LLC., Idaho Falls, Idaho, is promoting Klondike Brands Potatoes through the Meatless Monday movement in July.

Each Monday, the company plans to feature a meatless recipe on its website, with potatoes as an alternative to meat.

“Potandon is happy to promote the Meatless Monday lifestyle and the commitment to eating healthy,” said Barbara Keckler, marketing supervisor, in the release. “Klondike Brands Potatoes are a naturally healthy fit that can be used to make a multitude of delicious meatless entrees.”

Many of the entrée recipes will include instructional videos featuring Chef Bryan Woolley.

Klondike will also sponsor a Twitter party on July 16. Consumers can discuss the health benefits of potatoes, share recipes and have a chance to win giveaways, according to the release.

For more information on Meatless Monday, visit its website.