The new peel-and-reclose application for flexible packaging from LaserSharp FlexPak Services LLC features laser scoring. The company showed it off Sept. 23-25 at Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas.

The Vadnais Heights, Minn. company says the application is ideal for preservation of perishable food, including fresh produce items like salad mix and is adaptable to many types of film and packaging, including trays, standup pouches and pillow pouches. An easy-open pull tab can also be added, said general manager Juan Carlos Tinoco.

Product advantages include consistent score depths, adding reliability and convenience.

The company’s laser processing is a noncontact method to keep out processing fragments and other materials.

“This is a cheaper, more flexible application than the type you’d see on a package of Oreos, but it’s a similar type of closure,” Tinoco said. “You can use your own film, or even buy cheaper film and just add your label, and even a tamper-evidence feature can be easily incorporated.”

LaserSharp FlexPak offers peel-and-reclose packsThe patent-pending PrimePeel technology will also be developed in breathable packaging form, Tinoco said.

“About 50% of our business is breathable packaging, and it’s growing.”