Lifestyle Foods has launched a Taco Salad for retail that combines lettuce with microwaveable, meatless toppings.

The package comes in a cardboard sleeve that doubles as a cradle for a taco mix container during heating, according to a news release. Two tabs are interlocked to form the cradle.

York, Pa.-based Lifestyle Foods announced Sept. 27 that it will market the product as a vegetarian-friendly, low-calorie alternative to fast-food taco salads. It has 160 calories.

Toppings include fresh tomatoes, corn, jalapeno peppers, black beans and cheddar cheese. There is also a tri-color tortilla strip.

The company’s Soup and Salad line, introduced in January, also mixes cold and microwaveable ingredients.

The cardboard sleeve is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, according to the release. It’s recyclable, as is the plastic container.

Lifestyle Foods formed in 2006 to market ready-to-eat products.