Limoneira Co. board chairman Alan Teague died Sept. 11 after suffering a stroke. He was 76.

“So much of Limoneira’s spirit and culture is attributable to Alan Teague,” Harold Edwards, president and chief executive officer of the Santa Paula, Calif.-based company, said in a statement. “He was relentlessly supportive of our management team and took great comfort in the way the company was operating and moving forward.”

“We each owe a huge debt of gratitude to Alan Teague and I know that his spirit lives on within Limoneira,” he said.

Edwards will take on the chairman’s duties until a successor is appointed. The board of directors has begun the process to identify qualified candidates.

Limoneira produces lemons, avocados, oranges, specialty citrus and other crops. It has about 10,600 acres of agricultural lands, water rights and real estate properties in California and Arizona.