LinkFresh Software Ltd. is now using Jet Reports products to enhance its enterprise resource planning software.

The combination of Jet Reports with the LinkFresh products should provide comprehensive business intelligence and reporting capabilities through a seamless integration process, according to a news release from LinkFresh, Cambridge, England.

“Jet Reports provides robust, easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence solutions inside a familiar Excel environment that empower Microsoft Dynamics ERP business users across the globe to make informed decisions,” according to the release.

When coupled with LinkFresh BI (Business Intelligence), Jet Reports can provide full reports within hours of implementation, according to the release. The out-of-the-box set up includes pre-configured dashboards to deliver analytics based on LinkFresh data for production, inventory and consignment profitability.

“The industry faces challenging produce turnaround time cycles due to the very short, pressured supply chains associated with perishable products, and the highly competitive nature of the industry,” global partner manager for Jet Reports Paul Hollcraft said in the release.

“Business intelligence can be used as a competitive tool to expose trends, opportunities and issues that would otherwise be missed.”