Love Beets, a Philadelphia-based line of ready-to-eat beets, has kicked off a rebranding campaign, complete with new packaging and a revamped website.

The new look will begin to hit store shelves this month and will continue rolling out nationwide through the end of this year, according to a news release.

The packaging features type styles and smiley faces designed to make the vegetable more approachable.

“The creative evolution of Love Beets really brings to life the idea that beets are modern, fun and can be enjoyed by consumers of all ages,” vice president George Shropshire said in the release. “We’re excited to reveal a whole new look and technology that make beets a hassle-free experience and even easier to snack on whenever, wherever.”

The packaging for marinated baby beets, available in five flavors, features peel-and-seal technology designed to keep the vegetables fresher longer and allow for easier portioning and storage. The packages also now stand upright for easier display.

Packages for two varieties of vacuum-packed cooked beets have a new seal to prevent beet juices from leaking in the refrigerator after opening.

In addition, labels for two varieties of club pack also have been redesigned to provide preparation tips and recipes.

The three flavors of beet juice, including a new organic formulation, will be bottled in sleek new containers. A reusable 14-ounce glass bottle and a 20-ounce plastic bottle will be available in late November.

As part of the rebranding, Love Beets launched an updated website and social media platforms Sept. 10 that include a lifestyle blog with health benefits and use ideas.