The National Mango Board is offering new point-of-sale materials to help retailers grow sales by sharing mango information.

Mango board releases point-of-sale informationThe Orlando, Fla.-based board created several new materials to help educate consumers and drive mango sales, according to a news release.

Research shows mangoes are not usually on shoppers’ lists and the main barriers to purchase are that shoppers do not know how to cut, select and use mangoes in their home kitchens, according to the release.

“Our new POS materials for 2013 will encourage shoppers to add mangoes to their everyday menus with easy, familiar usage ideas,” Megan McKenna, the board’s director of marketing, said in the release. “Many of the recipes featured on these materials will do just that.”

New header card and tear pad sets feature a selection of seasonal favorites:

  • Mango and avocado salsa,
  • Fresh and easy mango salad,
  • Mango and maple oatmeal,
  • Grilled mango with vanilla ice cream,
  • Tropical mango s’mores, and
  • Mango cranberry sauce.

The recipe cards supplement the board’s educational materials which include information on how to select, cut and ripen mangoes, and a new poster features the same informaiton.

The board offers a variety of materials for retailers section at