The National Mango Board is touting success with its latest consumer promotion.

The industry’s new Mangover marketing campaign experienced record results for the second quarter of 2013, the Orlando, Fla.-based commodity promotion organization reported in an Aug. 15 news release.

Mango campaign experiences record consumer impressionsThe board’s consumer public relations and marketing program reached consumers a total of 715 million times at the close of the quarter.

That’s higher than the group’s goal of 689 million impressions for quarter, according to the release.

Throughout the year, the board works closely with U.S. consumer media to place articles about mangos in magazines, newspapers, on websites and on television.

The industry’s new Mangover spokesperson, Clinton Kelly, the host of The Chew, a daytime television talk show, helps familiarize consumers with how to incorporate the fruit into everyday meals.

“We are really excited about not only reaching but exceeding our goals for the second quarter,” said Megan McKenna, the board’s director of marketing. “We want to see what the second half of the year brings with our work with Clinton and the Mangover messaging.”

The board is also expanding is use of social media and trying to encourage shoppers to purchase mangos through recipe contests and offers.