Mann Packing expands Salinas facilitySALINAS, Calif. — Mann Packing Co. has opened a 25,000-square-foot cooler and warehouse in Salinas that aims to move trucks in and out faster.

The site at 1230 Hansen Street is the seventh addition to the original Mann Packing facility at the location.

“It was really designed to help maximize traffic flow for our product coming in and being shipped out,” said Lorri Koster, chief executive officer. “It’s eliminated a lot of traffic jams that we had inside the coolers between receiving and shipping and really increased our efficiencies.”

“Over 80% of our trucks are turned in less than two hours, which is our goal,” she said.

Mann Packing’s shipping operation has evolved over the years as customers have required more mixed pallets and loads.

“There’s a lot of picking involved now,” Koster said. “A lot of pre-staging is done for our customers here.”

One of the new site’s receiving doors is 12 pallets wide, served by a forklift with that capacity. “It’s the equivalent of about three doors,” she said. “It’s all about cut-to-cool time and getting product cool as fast as possible.”

Consolidation is also done at the Hansen Street complex as vegetable product is brought in from Mann Packing affiliates such as Fresh Leaf Farms. That makes the full range of items available at one location.

“We’re two blocks from Highway 101,” Koster said. In a city somewhat short of truck parking, Mann Packing offers an adjacent lot for its customers.

“In and out access to the city is huge for these trucks,” she said. “They don’t want to go too far in. Time is money.”