Mann Packing Co. is replacing its black vegetable platter packaging with a clear tray that uses less plastic and shows more produce.

The Vegetable Platter, now labeled Vegetable Tray, also drops the clear, hard lid in favor of a peel-back film cover and lighter materials, said Elena Hernandez, marketing coordinator at Salinas, Calif.-based Mann Packing.

New graphics of the vegetables appear along the cover’s edge.

“The new tray has 38% less packaging than our previous tray and up to 50% less packaging than other trays on the market,” Christine Keller, director of marketing and innovation, said in a news release. “You can also see 50% more of the product by removing the solid black packaging, which is important to consumers.”

Mann Packing uses less plastic in vegetable traysThe change reflects internal research that showed 92% of consumers didn’t use the black trays for serving as instructions recommended. When told of the implications for plastics entering landfills, the same number said they’d be happy to change.

Mann Packing estimates landfills could be spared more than 2 million pounds of plastic per year if similar changes were adopted across the fresh produce industry.