Paramount Citrus and its parent company plan a five-year, $100 million marketing blitz for Wonderful Halos brand mandarins, launched this fall to replace the Cuties brand that Sun Pacific now owns.

The kid-focused campaign includes more than 2,000 airings of three television commercials that show children’s reactions when parents try to take their easy-peel citrus snacks. “They’re angels, unless you mess with their Halos” is one slogan featured in the campaign, according to a news release from the Los Angeles company.

Supplies of Wonderful Halos should be available through April, according to the news release. Retailers can choose from 3- and 5-pound bags and 5-pound boxes.

The 30-second TV spots begin Nov. 25 and are part of the $20 million budget for the first retail season of Halos, according to Paramount’s parent company, Roll Global, which owns Wonderful Pistachios and Pom Wonderful.

Also included in the marketing plan for Wonderful Halos is a mobile game app for children that features three raccoon characters and more than 100 levels of play set in iconic California locations.

Social media is also tapped for the campaign. FaceBook users who “like” the newly branded mandarins can enter the “Pure Goodness Giveaway” sweepstakes for chances to win Halos gear such as T-shirts and flashlights. There will be 100 winners each week, with one grand-prize winner to be selected at the end of the sweepstakes on Dec. 22.

Roll Global and Paramount Citrus sold the Cuties brand and trademark to Sun Pacific, Pasadena, Calif., after Roll Global owner Stewart Resnick and Sun Pacific owner Berne Evans failed to resolve differences related to the advertising budget for the citrus fruit that they had been marketing together for years.