Marcus Meadows-Smith
Marcus Meadows-Smith

Marcus Meadows-Smith has joined BioConsortia Inc. as chief executive officer. The company is the newly formed parent company of BioDiscovery New Zealand Limited, according to a news release.

Meadows-Smith was formerly chief executive officer at AgraQuest, the biopesticide company acquired by Bayer for $500 million in 2012.

“The greatest challenge we face in agriculture is how to sustainably produce more food per acre,” Meadows-Smith said in the release. “I believe BioConsortia has all the right tools and technology to make a significant contribution to mainstream agriculture.”

BioConsortia is a microbial research and development company, according to the release, and focuses on projects related to fertilizer utilization and substitution, plant growth improvement and plant traits such as abiotic tolerance, biotic resistance and metabolite expression. Research focuses on the power of the plant microbiome and microbial consortia to deliver improvements, according to the release.

Meadows-Smith will lead BioConsortia through the business development and commercialisation phase for the company’s ground-breaking “microbial consortia” products, according to the release.