The Michigan Apple Committee, Lansing, has launched a campaign promoting local apples. The locally grown campaign, created for the upcoming harvest season, targets Michigan and surrounding states.

The locally grown program capitalizes on advantages of buying Michigan apples including freshness, quality, local economic benefits and a reduced environmental impact.

Committee executive director, Diane Smith, said she believes consumers will respond positively to the campaign.

“They can find fresh, great-tasting apples grown by their neighbors. They can support a local economy and reduce their carbon footprint because of reduced transportation. It’s a strong movement in our communities and it’s positive for our growers as well, because they take pride in the product they offer,” she said in a news release.

To further consumer interest in locally grown apples, the committee is offering three vacation packages to Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, Mich. Interested customers can register for the vacation sweepstakes via information printed on bags of Michigan apples in local retail stores.