Pittsburgh-based Microbac Laboratories, Inc. has adopted Invisible Sentinel Inc.’s Veriflow diagnostic technology for detection of bacterial pathogens in food.

The move, announced in a news release, comes after validation studies at selected Microbac laboratories. The assays were validated for various environmental surfaces and food products, according to the release.

“We have found Veriflow to be an accurate and reliable technology that offers the advantages of a molecular method with the efficiency of earlier-generation tests,” Brad Stawick, Microbac’s corporate director of microbiology said in the release. “The addition of Veriflow assays to our capabilities will help us to assess potential food issues accurately and promptly.”

The Veriflow product line has been approved by a global standardization organization to detect bacterial contamination in a wide variety of food types and on various environmental surfaces, according to the release. The product line for food testing consists of:

  • Veriflow SS, for salmonella species;
  • Veriflow LS, for listeria species;
  • Veriflow CA, for campylobacter; and
  • Veriflow LM, for listeria monocytogenes,

"We’re delighted to work with Microbac to offer the advantages of Veriflow technology to Microbac’s clientele,” Nick Siciliano, chief executive officer and cofounder of Invisible Sentinel, said in the release. “Invisible Sentinel and Microbac both understand the role that advanced technology can play to meet the more stringent demands being made of the food industry for accurate and prompt testing to protect against foodborne pathogens.”