Misionero Vegetables has added two packaged products — Cascade Blend and Wasabi Arugula — to its retail and foodservice stable.

Under the Garden Life label, the clamshells are about to see wider distribution following limited trials the past six weeks, said Danny Canales, vice president of sales and marketing at Gonzales, Calif.-based Misionero.

“We’re going to be ramping up in volume and doing a measured rollout,” Canales said July 20. “We’re already packing some private brands and getting good responses from retail and foodservice.”

The Cascade Blend consists of petite inner heart leaves of romaine and green leaf lettuces. “The uniqueness of this item is that it’s a one-cut leaf,” Canales said. “Petite hearts are cut only once at the base and you have a fresh experience without the decline caused by multiple cuts.”

The blend is packed as an eight-count, 7-ounce clamshell.

The Wasabi Arugula comes in an eight-count, 5-ounce clamshell.

“You either love it or hate it, but wasabi is one of those things becoming more and more popular,” Canales said. “It’s the flavor profile. It’s got a nice, spicy nature to it. A lot of foodies out there are still looking for a different taste in salads. If you’re making a salad at home you can add a few leaves or just eat it straight.”

For foodservice, the Garden Life wasabi arugula comes in 4-pound master packs — two-count, 2-pound bags.

For both conventionally grown products, the bulk of sales is expected to be in retail.