Shanley Farms and Del Rey Avocado began shipping avocados from California’s San Luis Obispo County in the first week of September.

It’s the state’s northernmost growing region for large volumes of the fruit. Grower Shanley Farms is based in Morro Bay, Calif. The product is packed by Del Rey Avocado Co., Fallbrook, Calif.

Morro Bay’s comparatively cool climate slows fruit maturation and results in a high oil content, according to a news release. Some avocados there wait up to 18 months for harvest.

In past years, shipments have run from September to the first week or two of November. Customers have included Whole Foods among others.

Shanley Farms also grows and markets Citriburst finger limes, Sierra Sweet kiwifruit and Gator Eggs. Gator Eggs, whose packaging resembles an egg carton, are marketed as single-serving avocados.

The company grows its products in Morro Bay and Visalia, Calif.