MountainKing Potatoes is promoting Steakhouse Roasters as an alternative to french fries.

MountainKing merchandising Steakhouse Roasters potatoesThe Monte Vista, Colo.-based company is marketing the wedge-cut fries served in steakhouses to young, health-conscious shoppers.

The potatoes help those shoppers advance from traditional potato varieties and discover a fresher alternative to frozen french fries, according to a news release.

The product introduction follows a Houston test launch which demonstrated 1.5-pound Steakhouse Roasters increasing sales by 81% in unit pounds and 53% in dollar sales, according Nielson Fresh Facts, the release stated.

At $2.25, the product also earns the highest average retail per-pound price in the potato category and yields 26% more dollar ring than traditional potato types, according to the release.

Research shows consumers 20-40 years of age are twice as likely to purchase the product than any other demographic group, according to the release.

MountainKing merchandising Steakhouse Roasters potatoesAs a result, if one in 20 shoppers bought the product, total category sales dollars would increase by 15%, a MountainKing estimate based on current industry scan data, according to the release.

Some of the more successful grocers have promoted the product at a $2.97 price point sold in modular display boxes, “10 for 10” on front page ads and two for $3 with pre-price stickers attached, according to the release.

Supporting the product’s introduction, MountainKing increased production, placed recipes on bags and created cross-merchandised coupons, display-ready boxes and graphic point-of-sale materials, according to the release.

The promotional program also involves samplings and programs to help educate produce managers on the product’s attributes, according to the release.

Most retailers merchandise the product in produce departments and in secondary displays in the meat department, according to the release.