The San Jose, Calif.-based Mushroom Council plans to begin its annual “Swap it or Top it” summer promotion June 1.

The contest, with a $5,000 prize, challenges consumers to incorporate mushrooms in grilling recipes to create healthier versions.

“The trend is to blend,” Bart Minor, Mushroom Council president, said in a news release. “Mushrooms and meat are a natural pairing; this contest will elevate the concept with the consumer while increasing mushroom sales.”

The title of the promotion comes from two techniques associated with mushrooms. Swapping replaces a portion of the recipe’s contents with mushrooms. For example, blending mushrooms with ground beef to reduce calories and fat. Topping adds more vegetables to a dish by simply topping things with mushrooms.

“By supporting ‘Swap It or Top It’ retailers can uphold promoting healthier choices to consumers at their market, which consumers continue to demand,” Bob Murphy, vice president of sales and marketing for Premier Mushrooms, said in the release.

Retailers can help support the promotion by stocking participating mushroom products, offering participating mushroom growers premium shelf space and by promoting the program with point-of-sale materials, according to the release.