The Mushroom Council plans a new marketing approach for 2015 with a “market activation strategy” focused on how mushrooms can make everything better because of their “blendability.”

Mushroom Council pushes ‘blendability’ for 2015Members of the San Jose, Calif.-based council met the last week of October to discuss and finalize the plan, which council chairman Anthony D’Amico described as historic in a news release.

“We believe 2015 will go down in history as a pivotal year for the Mushroom Council and the evolution of mushroom blendability.” D’Amico, president of To-Jo Mushrooms, said in the release.

“The industry believes strongly in the potential of the mushroom blend. We are willing to position our marketing strategy to fully support this growth.”

Previously the council has promoted the nutritional benefits of mushrooms, described in the release as an “influencer platform.” Changing to the “blendability” topic will allow the council to have a market activation strategy that will include promotions in retail and foodservice settings.

The culinary technique of blending fresh-cut mushrooms with ground meat entrees has already taken off in the non-commercial foodservice segment including school nutrition, university dining, health care and corporate dining, according to the release.

“The mushroom blend is the solution to the changing consumer landscape, focusing on the transitional meat consumer which makes up one-third of the U.S. population,” council president Bart Minor said in the news release.