The National Mango Board has partnered with the Produce for Better Health Foundation through their “Half Your Plate” program.

The program allows organizations to sponsor a food item as part of a plate that meets U.S. Department of Agriculture dietary guidelines and encourages the use of more fruits and vegetables not only because they are healthy, but also inexpensive, easy to prepare and satisfying.

The sponsorship allows the mango board to provide a recipe for inclusion in consumer outreach materials such as cookbooks and informational sheets marketed to educators and health professionals.

According to Megan McKenna, marketing director for the mango board, the partnership is a “natural fit.”

“The NMB is proud to partner with PBH to develop a healthy, cost-effective recipe with the amazing taste and nutrition of mangoes,” McKenna said.

PBH will use the mango board’s recipe in other media efforts and included on the PBH website at and the mango board website at

The Half Your Plate program continues the efforts of PBH’s “Fruits and Veggies - More Matters” campaign.