NatureSweet no-cook salads keepin’ it coolEncouraging consumers to chill out this summer, NatureSweet Ltd. offers a collection of new no-cook salad recipes featuring its bite-sized tomatoes.

The San Antonio-based company markets its red and yellow tiny toms as Cherubs and SunBursts, respectively, and promotes them as “always vine-ripened,” according to a news release.

Among the dozens of recipes available on the Internet at, the no-cook options promise to keep kitchens and cooks cool as summer heats up, according to the release. Cherubs Greek salad, for example, is a 10-minute project that includes spring mix, Cherubs, black olives, red onions and feta cheese.

Another NatureSweet recipe puts a new twist on antipasto that is designed to appeal to children — during both preparation and mealtime. The antipasto-on-skewers concept uses yellow SunBursts bite-sized tomatoes, olives, meat and cheese.