Pharr, Texas-based Mevi Avocados is packing avocados at a new facility in Ciudad Guzman in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, and althought the fruit — marketed by The Oppenheimer Group — isn’t allowed in the U.S. yet, the company is hopeful that will change soon.

Mexican avocado packinghouse to bolster shipmentsThe facility officially opened July 13 and its 35-container-a-week packing capacity is expected to expand when Mevi finishes construction of a second packing line in several months, according to a news release.

At this time, Mevi ships the Jalisco avocados domestically and to Asian markets.

Avocados grown and packed by the company in the adjacent state of Michoacan are sold by Oppy, Vancouver, British Columnbia, in the U.S.

Growers in Jalisco have been lobbying the USDA to approve phytosanitary protocols to allow shipments to the U.S. Mevi and Oppenheimer expect the U.S. will soon approve the shipments, said Karin Gardner, Oppy marketing communications manager.

She said the facility is positioned for packing and shipping U.S.-bound fruit once the clearance occurs.

The packinghouse features cold storage and offices for quality assurance personnel and USDA inspectors, according to a news release.

Mexican avocado packinghouse to bolster shipmentsOutside the packinghouse, an automated irrigation system nourishes the grower’s 1,700 acres of avocados.

“The new facility represents a significant investment in putting fruit condition and quality at the forefront,” said James Milne, Oppy’s avocado category director. “We look forward to the opportunity to sell the fruit packed there, and we applaud the Medina’s proactive approach.”

The plant’s location also provides Mevi access to Asian markets via the nearby port city of Manzanillo, according to the release.

After years of growing strawberries, sugarcane and corn, the Medina family, which owns and operates Mevi, began growing avocados in 1974 when Javier Medina Sr. planted his first trees.

Medina oversees operations and his son Javier works with Oppy on marketing and sales, according to the release. Oppy avocado category managers Mike Kostick and Jeff Walker and category analyst Rodrigo Lopez were at the facility’s grand opening, along with local dignitaries.