New York Apple Growers has introduced a second apple variety.

RubyFrost, known for its rich color, crisp texture and balance of sweet and tart flavors, is a winter variety available for a limited time, according to a news release from Rochester, N.Y.-based New York Apple Growers, a grower-owned organization created in 2010 to develop new varieties.

RubyFrost joins SnapDragon, which was introduced by the group in November.

RubyFrost was developed by Cornell University researchers and is licensed for a managed release by New York Apple Growers. While volumes are limited this year, much larger production is expected for 2016.

“We tested this apple this past January in select New York stores, and the results were very positive,” Jeff Crist, vice chairman of the group’s board of directors, said in the release. “In-store surveys revealed that consumers really liked the sweet and tart flavor and crisp texture of this apple.”

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