More than three out of four participating New York apple growers have voted to continue the state’s marketing order.

The 76% approval rate, the largest in the order’s history, gives another eight years of life to the Fishers-based New York Apple Association, according to an association news release.

New York growers voted to create the marketing order in 1959. Overseen by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, which conducted this year’s referendum, the order’s activities are carried out by the association.

“This is a loud and clear vote of confidence in the power of the New York Apple brand, and of NYAA’s work for the industry,” Brian Nicholson, the association board’s chairman and the president of Geneva, N.Y.-based Red Jacket Orchards, said in the release. “We grow the world’s best apples, and now we can continue investing in programs to educate consumers and to promote the 2013 crop and beyond.”

By state law, funds collected from industry by the marketing order are used to generically promote and advertise New York state apples and apple products, conduct market research and provide information to growers.

The marketing order collects an average of about $2.2 million each year to promote New York state apples and apple products.