Working to expand trade to the Philadelphia port gateway, New Zealand’s ambassador to the U.S. recently visited the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in Philadelphia.

On Nov. 8, Ambassador Mike Moore toured the Port of Philadelphia terminal and visited with executives from Holt Logistics Corp., the terminal’s logistics provider, as well as members of the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority.

New Zealand ambassador tours Philadelphia portThe Ambassador and his delegation viewed New Zealand products stored in cold storage, including apples and kiwifruit.

He spent much of his time discussing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement which is an attempt to modernize trade between the US., Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei Darussalam, according to a news release.

The partnership tries to end tariffs and other barriers to promote the movement of goods, services and trade and investment, according to the release.

“As one of the primary East coast recipients of New Zealand imports, we are well aware of the positive impact the Trans-Pacific Partnership will have on our facilities and the larger region,” Leo Holt, Holt Logistics’ president, said in the release. “We will work tirelessly with our government counterparts to safeguard this agreement that will put more Philadelphians to work in our Port.”

Expanding the trade relationship with more Asian nations is one of the main goals for the U.S. and New Zealand and the other partnership participating nations, according to the release.