Dynamic Systems Inc. is releasing a scale interface for a food and produce tracking system.

New connectivity developed for produce tracking systemThe Redmond, Wash.-based software company developed a program allowing connectivity with the Specialized Inventory Management with Barcode Accuracy or SIMBA tracking system.

SIMBA allows food processors to label and track fresh products from field to customer, according to a news release.

Dynamic Systems specializes in barcode data collection software and the new interface allows SIMBA to connect directly to any digital scale.

Carton weights are automatically added to the database within SIMBA and may be added to the label on the fly, according to the release.

The ability to use the information automatically can help a producer or packer save time when processing and packing a large volume of product, according to the release.

The system automatically generates bills of lading and verifies shipments, eliminating charge-backs, according to the release.