California table grapes grower J.P. Dulcich & Sons is introducing a proprietary seedless grape, the Green Emerald, marketed by Sunlight International Sales.

Building on past test production, Delano, Calif.-based Dulcich has expanded its growing area for the green variety to its Arvin and Maricopa ranches. Expected availability is mid-August through the end of November.

Last December, the grower-shipper received a plant patent for Green Emerald. It was in development since 2007, according to a news release. A dedicated test parcel was planted in 2009; more plantings followed two years later.

Sunlight International, Dulcich’s marketing arm, is promoting the variety as an extra large, sweet seedless green grape with high brix.

Its Facebook page plans a giveaway promotion in August. Prize winners will receive a mini box of Green Emeralds weekly for the first 10 weeks of the season.

“We realized that customers were not getting the green grapes they wanted,” Nick Dulcich, president of Sunlight International Sales, said in the release. “So we decided to find the perfect grapes ourselves.”

“It has size and taste and has an incredible shelf life,” Dulcich said.