(CORRECTED) A New Zealand gold kiwifruit is now shipping for North American consumption.

The SunGold, a hybrid of green and gold kiwifruit, is larger than other kiwifruit, said Eva Fedderly, whose company handles Zespri's public relations for North America.

SunGold also is rounder than a normal Zespri gold kiwifruit and has no hair or crown. The variety, whose flesh is more yellow than gold, is now available at select retailers through November.

The introduction of the SunGold comes as the industry is still reeling from the vine disease pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae, or PSA, which has been found in more than 40% of New Zealand’s kiwifruit acreage.

According to Zespri, there is no kiwifruit vine resistant to Psa, but SunGold vines "are showing promises of being able to be managed through it."

Note on correction: The original article incorrectly stated the ability of the SunGold to resist Psa.