Importer Interrupcion* launched a new website,, to provide information on its Taste Me Do Good-brand Fair Trade produce.

“The new site contains a wealth of information for consumers and retailers alike and is a convenient tool for educating the market on where our fresh products come from and how they are grown,” Rafael Goldberg, chief executive officer of Interrupcion*, Brooklyn, N.Y., said in a news release. “Consumers are increasingly making buying decisions based on social responsibility factors and our site helps explain the positive impacts our Taste Me Do Good Fair Trade products have on the agricultural workers and communities we rely on.”

The website shows products, explains varieties, gives nutritional information, explains the social and environmental effect of products and gives usage suggestions, according to the release.

“Stores can capitalize on the tremendous amount of information to educate their customers by linking with us and sharing on social media outlets,” Goldberg said in the release. “Additionally, ready-to-use point-of-sale materials and signs can be downloaded and printed for use in-store.”