Staff writer Vicky Boyd compiled these news items at the recent Northwest Horticultural Expo in Wenatchee, Wash.


Northwest Hort Expo BriefsREDLINE SOLUTIONS: Carol Golsch, director of product development for Santa Clara, Calif.-based RedLine Solutions, demonstrates the firm’s new RedLine Cooler CT software, which was designed in conjunction with Wenatchee, Wash.-based Compu-Tech. The computer program integrates mobile warehouse management with real-time inventory control, she said.


Northwest Hort Expo BriefsSORMA GROUP: Alessandro Fiumara shows off two netted bags that Cesena, Italy-based Sorma Group is introducing to the apple industry. Both are designed to reduce the amount of plastic used in the manufacturing process, he said.


Northwest Hort Expo BriefsWASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY: Scott Beddard of FirmYield Pollen, Yakima, participates in a Washington State University apple tasting. The program, which involves varieties that are early in the breeding process, helps weed out ones the industry doesn’t think have potential, said Lisa Brutcher, a breeding program technician.