Ocean Mist Farms website has redesigned its Oceanmist.com website with new navigation and content elements promoting the grower-shipper’s vegetables.

“Whether the consumer is at home or in-store, recipes and product knowledge are now easier to find,” Kori Tuggle, director of marketing and business development, said in a news release. “For our trade customers and consumers of our 30 fresh vegetables, we remodeled Oceanmist.com to make it easier to find the vegetable topic.”

Castroville, Calif.-based Ocean Mist also moved its artichoke web page to a separate URL: www.allaboutartichokes.com. It includes short how-to videos for every cooking format and tips that include how to remove the vegetable’s fuzzy center.

Another domain and site, www.artichokeclub.com, has been established for Ocean Mist’s Artichoke Club, which has almost 40,000 consumer members.

Oceanmist.com provides videos and information on staple vegetables as well as such items as fava beans, cardone and brussels sprouts.

“The goal of our website rebuilds was to modernize the backend and frontend content to make it more consumer-friendly while improving the user experience,” Tuggle said. “Not very many people have seen how brussels sprouts grow or are harvested. Our updated site will make it easy to find and watch this video directly on any device.”