About 4.5 million cases of Oceanside Pole tomatoes could ship this summer and fall.

Oceanside, Calif.-based West Coast Tomato Growers, owners of the Oceanside brand, are expected to boost production to about 700 acres this year, according to a news release from The Oppenheimer Group, Vancouver, British Columbia, marketer of Oceanside Pole tomatoes.

Tomatoes should be available between July and November.

“The added acreage is well-timed strategically,” Aaron Quon, director of Oppy’s greenhouse and vegetable categories, said in the release, citing the potential strength of a domestic program that’s competitively priced alongside Mexican tomatoes, due to the new tomato suspension agreement, which raises floor prices for Mexican tomatoes. “It also represents a terrific opportunity for more retailers to list the high quality tomatoes Oceanside is known for.”

West Coast expects greater yields this season because of a return to the original Oceanside Pole seed variety. The company will grow both vine-ripes and romas this year.

West Coast has hired a new general manager, Victor Lopez, to provide additional oversight to the packing and shipping process.