Miami-based AgroAmerica launched One Banana, a family-owned, vertically-integrated new banana brand and operation.

“More than a name, it refers to a concept of unique leadership in which there is an administrative structure that favors a direct relationship between the producer and the customer,” said Jose Galvez, vice president of AgroAmerica Fruit.

The brand boasts a single point of contact, assuming full responsibility for the entire chain and controlling the process from the farm to the store.

“One hundred percent of the conventional bananas we sell are grown in our own plantations,” Galvez said.

The company also has its own transportation company in Guatemala to control the inland from farm to port.

One Banana branded bananas are expected to be available in major retailers across the U.S. beginning in the first weeks of November, Galvez said.

“We have different growing areas in Guatemala and Ecuador, which is where One Bananas will reach different markets in North America, Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia,” Galvez said.

The website is scheduled to launch in late October.

“At this point our focus is getting the word out there in the food trades,” Galvez said.

After the launch, social media interaction with consumers will begin, an effort Galvez said is extremely important.