The Oppenheimer Group began shipping California strawberries from Coachella and Oxnard the week of Jan. 13, and organic strawberries are expected to start in February.

Both carry a redesigned Oppy label previously used only on imports.

“This is our first large-scale California berry campaign,” Nolan Quinn, director of Oppy’s berry category, said in a news release.

Fruit from California is projected to double the company’s annual berry volume. Vancouver-based The Oppenheimer Group has targeted strawberries and organics as key growth areas.

“With this significant domestic deal, we can now offer our customers more comprehensive berry programs,” Quinn said. “The fruit complements our Mexican strawberry and blackberry volumes very well, and can tie-in promotionally with our import and domestic blueberry supplies.”

In its debut for domestically grown fruit, the label appears on clamshells and master cartons.

Oppy’s berry category includes blueberries from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay; strawberries from California, Florida and Mexico; blackberries from Mexico and Guatemala; and cranberries from the U.S. and Canada. The company’s berry programs are outlined on its website.