The Oppenheimer Group plans to finish off its Chilean plum season with the RR1 variety.

The variety, first planted in Chile in 2010, should begin arriving in April and be available in the U.S. into May, according to a news release from Vancouver, British Columbia-based Oppy.

RR1s will follow angelenos, another late-season Chilean plum.

While RR1 volumes will be modest this season, Oppy has high hopes for the fruit, Evan Myers, the company’s director of imports and stone fruit, said in the release.

“We believe RR1 has excellent potential,” he said in the release. “Red plum supplies are ramping down. It’s exciting that our growers are producing such a great-tasting piece of fruit at a point in the season when demand is strong.”

The RR1 stores well, has brix levels as high as 19 at harvest and features yellow flesh that changes to light red as the fruit ripens.

Oppy expects volumes of the RR1, which could get a new name, to increase significantly in 2015.