The 2011-12 U.S. orange crop will be smaller than forecast and the potato crop slightly larger, according to two new U.S. Department of Agriculture reports.

This season’s sweet potato crop, meanwhile, is 13% larger than last season’s.

About 8.98 million tons of oranges are expected to be produced in 2011-12, 2% lower than the previous forecast but still 1% higher than last season, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Jan. 12 monthly Crop Production report.

Florida is expected to produce about 147 million boxes of oranges, up from 140 million boxes last season. California should produce about 58 million boxes, down from 62 million.

Fall 2011 potato production is now estimated at about 389 million cwt., up from an earlier estimate of 385 million cwt. and up 6% from 2010-11, according to NASS’s Crop Production: 2011 Summary, also released Jan. 12. Idaho’s production is expected to rise from 113 million cwt. in 2010-11 to 127 million cwt. in 2011-12.

About 939,200 acres of potatoes were harvested nationwide last fall, up 7% from last season.

About 27 million cwt. of sweet potatoes are expected to be produced in 2011-12, 13% more than last season, according to the NASS annual summary. Growers harvested about 130,300 acres last fall, 11% more than the year before.