A Pennsylvania-based importer of organic fruits and vegetables has begun testing product for residue to ensure it is chemical-free.

OTC USA Inc., Ephrata, Pa., started doing residue tests on all of its Southern Hemisphere-grown fresh fruits and vegetables in May, according to a news release.

Results of the tests, which are being conducted by Woodland, Calif.-based Environmental Micro Analysis, are available to OTC-USA customers on request.

The Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 requires that residue tests be conducted periodically on organic produce.

 But Marco Brakkee, OTC-USA’s vice president, said in the release that those tests are not performed regularly.

“Although OTC-USA imports only produce from certified organic producers, we do feel the need in reassuring the integrity of the product we sell,” Brakkee said.

 OTC-USA imports organic fruits and vegetables from Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Chile, New Zealand, Italy and Israel.

Its product line includes apples, pears, kiwifruit, mangoes, grapes, peppers and citrus.