Organically Grown Co., Eugene, Ore., has published its ninth annual sustainability report, detailing the company’s progress toward achieving its long-term sustainability goals.

According to a news release, some of the company’s goals are achieving carbon neutrality, eliminating fossil fuel use, solid waste and toxic substances, achieving on-farm sustainability and small/medium farm viability.

In 2013, Organically Grown added eight “clean air” certified vehicles to its fleet for a total of 29 trucks that are compliant with the Federal Diesel Emissions Reduction Act guidelines.

The company distributed 60,000 tons of organically farmed produce, representing 572,471 pounds of herbicides, pesticides and chemicals not being released into the environment.

Organically Grown is delivering produce to Portland by using motor assisted cargo tricycles. In 2013, 419 tons of produce were delivered by bike, eliminating 28,063 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Also in 2013, the company saved 29,000 more pounds of CO2 pollution due to its Smart Commute program that reimburses employees for using alternative transport to work.

The report also notes that Organically Grown diverted 91% of its waste from entering landfills, which is a 74% reduction in seven years.

The full report is at