Oster and Associates, San Diego, is a branding and public relations agency that is focusing on sustainability communications. The company has worked with a wide range of produce industry clients such as Farmer’s Best, the California Tomato Commission, and Organics Unlimited.

After increasing its sustainability practices and establishing new green initiatives and programs, a company should take the next step and promote their green efforts, according to news release from Oster and Associates.

“Sustainability communications takes time — from crafting messages, to identifying target audiences,” said Bev Oster, president of Oster and Associates.

Failing to communicate green activities and achievements is a missed opportunity, said the news release, and can ultimately lead to a loss of sales among the pool of environmentally conscious consumers.

“Many corporations have eco-friendly initiatives in place, and even more are creating new green programs. But it shouldn’t end there,” said Oster. “Share your sustainability story and let your consumers know what you’re doing- you’ll be glad you did.”